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After Care

Following your dental procedure:

·         Focus on a soft food diet immediately following your procedure.  Thereafter, solid foods can be reintroduced to your diet as you find it comfortable to do so. (Some procedures may require you to stay on a soft diet for a specific length of time.)

·         Do not drink through a straw for 72 hours after your procedure.

·         Facial swelling can occur up to 72 hours after your procedure and it will peak on the third day. Cold packs on the outside of the face or ice chips dissolved in the mouth will help control any swelling. After the first day, any swelling is best treated by the application of hot compresses on the outside of the face.

·         A small amount of bleeding may occur for several days after your procedure. You may use moist gauze (tap water is ok) to control any small amounts of bleeding. Apply direct pressure to the area with moist gauze. 

·         If you were given mouth rinse, use it as directed. Rinsing twice a day (morning and night) after you brush your teeth. The rinse may leave a slight stain on your teeth. This is temporary and can be polished off at your next routine cleaning.


For detailed post-op instructions clink on the links below:

Dental Implant.doc

Gingival (Gum) Grafting.doc

Periodontal Surgery.doc

Removal and Bone Regeneration.doc

Sinus Graft.doc


I would highly recommend Dr. Grover and his team. I can't think of better run doctor's office. Every appointment is timly and I appreciate that. DR. Grover has done an excellent job with my procedures. Thank You!

Randy Tice

Every once in a while, you are granted the opportunity to bask in the presence of someone of such high character that you feel a twinge of regret when the experience is over. Dr. Grover and his team are the Best!!!!

Ken George

Thank you so much for the comfort you and your staff gave me for my gum surgery. I am not avery good patient sometimes but you made me really enjoy my visit, its the first time ever that I went to a dentist office that made me feel like a patient instead of just a number. If ever I will recommend you and your staff. Thank you again!! WHAT A GREAT FEELING!! Thank you,

Sue Reynolds

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